Closing Time…


A Farewell with a Little Bit of Fall Color

                            and Goodbye…


If you haven’t noticed already, I haven’t written a post for several weeks/months, so I think it’s official… I’m closin’ it down.

Yep, life has called me to other things.

If I ever do get the urge to get back to blogging again, if I’m able to still use the same name I will, but if it’s taken, I’ll try to still incorporate Little Bit in it somewhere.


Thank you soooo much to all of you that have followed, commented, and shared in this super fun adventure with me.


Blessings to you all,

Little Bit

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I no longer raise a vegetable garden, but I have plenty of perennials and such around ‘Our House’ that occasionally get pests.

This is a peek at our backyard from this Spring. Click here to read the rest of the story…

Happy Independence Day! Homes Featuring Patriotic Displays.

I originally posted this last year, but thought it’d be fun to re-see it again. Happy 4th of July!!

Originally posted on decoratewithalittlebit:

On this July 4th to celebrate the day’s national holiday, Independence Day, I thought it would be fun to feature some homes in the area where we live, the St. Croix Valley area.

Actually most of these homes are in Stillwater, MN, a charming town, and one of the oldest… maybe even the oldest town in MN. (It’s called ‘the birthplace of Minnesota’, so that might be a clue.) It sits on the St. Croix River and has antique home after antique home from around the Victorian time period.

The home owners in this town have taken great pride in restoring their lovely landmarks and so I hope to be featuring  several posts on some of these treasures.

For today, though…

‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…”





And because I finally have a flag displayed on the porch at…

View original 14 more words

Our House: A View of the Orchard

The other day, I was out on a very early morning walk and just marveled at this lovely view at ‘Our House‘, so I wanted to share it with you all too.

Here is the entry to the orchard. We have an iron trellis with a rambling trumpet vine that has lovely orange and yellow blossoms sprawling all over it.

I planted this vine here at least 15 years ago. It must be pretty hardy because I’ve done nothing for it since I first planted it, but it sure looks happy here. (and here in NW Wisconsin we’ve had the temperature drop to -30 Fahrenheit in the winter… now that’s hardy!) vine arbor into orchard

The nectar loving birds, like humming birds and orioles I’m sure adore these blooms, but I love Click here to read the rest of the story…

Interior Details of the 7 Barn House

A couple of weeks ago, we had the wonderful pleasure of being invited up to stay at this magnificent place that sits on the South shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin.

It’s a house, that looks like a barn, and was constructed by repurposing the wood, beams and materials from 7 antique barns. 7 barns

This photo is from:

Last time I showed you some amazingly creative lights that are in the house… this time I want to show you some more of the gorgeous, rustic details of this place! click here to read the rest of the story…

Someone Else’s House: Vintage Bungalow Enclosed Front Porch

One more room to see from the vintage craftsman style bungalow I’ve showed you so many rooms to…

The enclosed front porch.

This is how it looked when they went through the house to see if they wanted to buy it… house porch before

Doesn’t look too bad, but once they closed on the house purchase, click here to read the rest of the story…

Our House: Home Office/Library DIY Window Treatment

The home office at ‘Our House’ has recently had a makeover. I showed you what a difference the paint color can make, as well as moving a bit of furniture and changing up the accessories, today we’ll take a closer look at the window treatments I made for this room. Home Office window treatment

Because in my design business, I designed, sold fabric, trim and rodding and even sometimes constructed the window treatments myself, I would end up with click here to read the rest of the story…

Our House: The Reproduction Style Shed/Barn/Garage/Workshop?

On the property at ‘Our House’ we have a shed, so to speak. aerial of house and shed from front

About 10 or 15 years ago we had a local carpenter and his crew, build it for us.

Some people tried to talk me into putting a pole shed up, said that it would be fast and have good storage. Trust me, no way was I doing that. I wanted something that had character and looked charming, and I just felt that I didn’t need to compromise on the ‘charm factor’ to get great storage and workspace needs.

However, click here to read the rest of the story…

Our House: Home Office/Library… Bird Inspiration Brings in the Details

I showed you last week how this room has changed drastically over the past 17 years, now let’s get down to the details… before and after library collage

I love the life a wall of books brings to a room. So to me that’s the main focal point of the room.

However, I also love the look of prints mounted on the face of the bookshelf, giving interesting depth to the shelves. click here to read the rest of the story…

The Story of the 7 Barns

Last week I showed you some fun things we did during our ‘Weekend in the Country’ time… here’s where we were headed from Hayward, WI… 7 barns

This photo is from:

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is a huge house, (that you can rent by the week) located on the click here to read the rest of the story…


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